Sensory Play In Kids Education

SPIKE™ helps kids of all ages stay focused at school, work and home. It's easy to squeeze and stroke offering a therapeutic and calming tactile experience. Fij-it™  2-packs feature discs with a dual texture design. Soft durable silicone spikes on one side and a smooth surface on the other offering different tactile experiences for sensory satisfaction.

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Fidget toys have been clinically proven to help children with attention and anxiety issues stay focused and calm, the SPIKE Fij-it™ is mess-free, quiet, and ideal for the classroom. With a dual texture design, it features soft and durable silicone spikes on one side, and a smooth surface on the other. Our product testers couldn’t put them down! For even more tactile fun, squeeze two Fij-it toys together and enjoy the satisfaction of peeling them apart. Made from 100% Silicone, SPIKE Fij-it™ toys are hypoallergenic and non-toxic, as well as BPA, phthalate, latex and odor free. Naturally antibacterial silicone is easy to clean and can be sterilized for deep cleaning. Made in South Korea.



  • Spike Fij-it™ features durable and soft spikes that provide tactile stimulation for Kinesthetic learners.

  • Dual textures: soft spikes on one side and smooth silicone on the other.

  • Squeeze them, smash them, and collect them all!

  • 100% Silicone

  • Quiet & Mess-Free.

  • Non-toxic, durable, and odor-free.

  • Dishwashers Safe

  • Boil to sterilize

  • Ages 3 +